Mockups demonstrate the color scheme, layout, typography, and visuals to get the idea of the final design. It saves your time, money, and efforts as well. It facilitates us to try different color combos and layouts to get first-hand knowledge about the final version of the design.

Mockups provide us its a real-life perspective in the early stages of designing. It helps to witness the visual representation and add attractiveness to the task under consideration. It facilitates you to design like a pro.

In a nutshell, mockups are a way to communicate a designer's vision to the respective client.
That's why they are essential in the designing process.


With the transformation into digitalization, faster delivery and convenience are the benchmark for perfection. Paperless invitations are the need of the hour. Be it a birthday party, an anniversary celebration or a wedding, digital invitation eliminates the last minute panic of card distribution. With one tap, you can send invitation to your loved ones. Just draft, design and send. No worries at all!

Digital invitations are:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Attractive
  • Convenient
  • Highly customizable
  • Time saving

One best advantage of digital invites over traditional ones is that they allow us to add clickable links and scalable codes for RSVPs, websites, color codes for the party, etc. In this modern time, everybody is stick with the phone. It is now easy to update them about an upcoming event taking place. So, why putting more on yourself when you can do it by this device in your hand?


Freelancers are self-employed, remotely working individuals. Like other professions, freelancing also possess some pros and cons. Let’s enlist them one by one:


  • *Minimal workload
  • *Hassle-free working hours
  • *Larger exposure
  • *Freedom of working with multiple clients at the same time
  • *No need to commute


  • *No perks and additional benefits
  • *Lack of job security
  • *Difficulty in finding new clients
  • *Working in isolation
  • *Exhausting screen time


Social media handles are a bridge between your brand and your target audience. Creating engaging content that generates clients is mandatory to win among rivals. That's why designing an appealing social media post fulfills this need. Here we are sharing few points as essentials of social media post:

  • 1. GOOD FONTS: Your post should have fonts that are not only stylish but also readable with good size and aesthetics. Small fonts with congested alphabets ruins the purpose.
  • 2. RELEVANT IMAGES: Using relevant images speaks more than the written words. Visuals are always preferred over written paragraph. Adding images with one or two keywords are enough to convey the message.
  • 3. NICE BACKGROUND: Sober background with less opacity is the best as they direct the reader’s attention towards the message written on the foreground of a post. Background with loud colors and sharp objects distracts the attention.
  • 4. GOOD COLOR COMBINATION: Thematic colors with attention seeking fonts always work the best. The reader will know in advance that the post is shared from your brand without having a glance on your logo. This is the sign of individuality